Welcome to the MESH Program!

Florida's Comprehensive Testing for the following Position/s:


MESH will be offering the MESH 2014-B Program testing on

September 13th & 14th.



Thanks! Chief Stevens

Food Service at the Testing Facility: MESH has been informed that the Central Campus food service will be closed for the weekend of the MESH tests. There is a small lunchroom with some vending machines available at the test site. You will be given ample time to leave the campus for lunch should you wish to buy food in town. Regardless, please plan to bring food and beverages with you to the test site.

Important Notice: The agencies that receive the MESH List reserve the right to use the list in any way they wish in accordance with their specific guidelines. The MESH list is produced alphabetically and not by score ranking. Therefore,  the agencies have to right to sort, modify, and to select the method for ranking candidates as they deem necessary. Additionally, the agencies have the right to opt in or out of the MESH Program at their own discretion.      

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